22 December 2016

The Hinge

The Hinge, the new urban plan for the student area Kortepohja, was presented to the municipality of Jyväskylä, Finland.


30 November 2016

Micro Housing

Jarrik Ouburg presents the results of a design lab he organized for Arcam, Amsterdam's center for architecture, on the theme micro housing in Amsterdam. Pakhuis de Zwijger, 30 November 2016, 20h00.


19 October 2016

Dutch Design Week 2016

The folding screens 'Paravent' will be exhibited at the DDW16 being part of the exhibition 'Intensive Care'. 22-30 October. Veemgebouw, Torenallee 80, Eindhoven.


13 October 2016

The Layered Space

Jarrik Ouburg will give his farewell speech as head of the architecture department of the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. 'The Layered Space', October 13, 20h00, Academy of Architecture Amsterdam.


09 September 2016


A combination of Ideal Projects, ABT and OJO won the tender to extend the offices and labs of IFF in Hilversum, one of the largest producers of flavors and fragrances in the world.


10 August 2016

Tabula Scripta

Floris Alkemade, Michiel van Iersel and Jarrik Ouburg will be the core team of the research project Tabula Scripta at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam..


04 August 2016

Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Studies

OJO wilt transform in collaboration with FreyH Studio and studioHILGEDORDF two monumental buildings in the city centre of Amsterdam into the new home of the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Studies.


02 June 2016

Building the Future of Health

Jarrik Ouburg will be one of the speakers at the international conference 'Building the Future of Health' about game changing concepts for Healthy Ageing and the built environment.


17 January 2016

Opening Roomservice at Olof's

On January 17th restaurant Roomservice at Olof's run by Michelin chef Chris Naylor opened its doors to the public. FreyH Studio and OJO were in charge of the concept and design of the restaurant.


06 December 2015

1st prize Europan 13 competition

In collaboration with Freyke Hartemink and Maciej Abramczyk, Jarrik Ouburg won the Europan 13 competition in Jyväskylä, Finland. Central housing blocks for students, elderly and community facilities will be developed in coming period. 


09 October 2015

Hotel South Bank London

OJO asked to join a tender for the construction of the hotel in London, part of the greater Nine Elms development on the South Bank.


01 October 2015

Dutch Design Week

Two collaborative projects of OJO are shown at the Dutch Design Week (17-25 Oct).

The Dalton School with Laura Alvarez at the exhibition Rezoning from School to School and the Paravent project with Samira Boon during the debate The Science and Art of Dementia.


30 September 2015


OJO asked to develop a scheme for two commercial and residential towers on the Zuidas Amsterdam.


28 August 2015

Lecture Oude Kerk

Lecture on the cyclical construction culture of the Japanese city. Venue: 'the garden which is nearest to god' by Japanese artist Tatoru Atzu on the roof of the Oude Kerk.


Watch the video


14 August 2015

Column Stadsleven

Jarrik Ouburg writes a column for the digital magazine Stadsleven entitled 'Forever Young' on the city as a continuous work in progress .


Read the article


02 July 2015

The Art and Science of Dementia Care II

Creative Industries Fund NL commisions Studio Samira Boon and OJO to further develop a paravent system for people diagnosed with dementia.


26 June 2015

Interview De Architect

Interviewed in magazine 'De Architect' on the successes of the Academy of Architecture at the Archiprix NL awards.


Read the article


28 April 2015

Volksvlijt 2016

Jarrik Ouburg runs an atelier that studies the innovation of the city centre of Amsterdam. The results will be exhibited at the Amsterdam public library during the Dutch presidency of the European Union in spring 2016.


27 March 2015

Exhibition ABC Haarlem

The results of the research by design project commissioned by Foundation Mevrouw Meijer on the extension of the Dalton Molenwiek School in Haarlem are being exhibited in the architectural center ABC, from march 27 to june 12.


11 March 2015

Exhibition CARROUSEL

Work of OJO has been selected by architecten de vylder vink tailleu to take part in their exhibition CARROUSEL at ETH/gta in Zürich. Other participants include: 51N4E, Filip Dujardin, Tony Fretton, Juliaan Lampens, Office KGDVS and many others. Location: ETH Zürich, campus Hönggerberg.


14 November 2014

Nursing home Ranst (BE)

A partnership between RAU, laura alvarez architecture and OJO has been selected for an invited competition to design a master plan and a new nursing home for mentally and physically disabled persons in Ranst, Belgium.


10 November 2014

Elementary school Haarlem

laura alvarez architecture and OJO selected by Mevrouw Meijer and the municipality of Haarlem to design the extension of an existing elementary school.


05 November 2014

Academy of Architecture Mendrisio (CH)

Jarrik Ouburg gives a lecture and will be a visiting critic at the studio of DeVylder, Vink and Tallieu in Mendrisio, Nov 5-7 2014.


01 October 2014

'Practice what you preach'

Jarrik Ouburg talks about the relationship between the architectural practice and educational system of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture at the 'Terugblik bijeenkomst Architectuur' , organized by the Dutch Creative Industries Fund.


12 September 2014

XS Architecture at Frame

The Serlachius Museum project is exhibited in the Pillar Hall of the Felix Meritis building at the Keizersgracht 324 in Amsterdam.


16 August 2014

Crafting Wood

Jarrik Ouburg joins the summerworkshop Building Tectonic Structures: Crafting Wood in Liechtenstein.


22 July 2014

The Art and Science of Dementia Care

Jarrik Ouburg has been selected by the Creative Industries Fund NL to redesign the living environment for elderly people with dementia.


14 July 2014

Crematory Oostende

In collaboration with laura alvarez archticture, OJO wins 2nd prize in selected competition for a new crematorium in Oostende.  


30 May 2014

XS Arcam Market

Models, curtains, fabrics and stools designed by FreyH Studio and OJO on display in Arcam, the Amsterdam Center for Architecture.

More information: gallery XS Architecture.   


24 April 2014

Yearbook 2013/2014

Tussen-ruimte project published in Architecture in the Netherlands Yearbook 2013/2014.

‘Without doubt one of the most significant architectural events of 2013’.  


24 March 2014

Arts and Architecture

Jarrik Ouburg organizes 5 lectures at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture on Arts and Architecture, focusing on architecture as a cultural act. 


more information: Academy of Architecture Amsterdam


25 February 2014


Two new artworks added to the Tussen-ruimte collection: 'Night Light' by Charbel-joseph H. Boutros and 'To Keep' by Amie Dicke


more information: www.tussen-ruimte.com


16 January 2014


Jarrik Ouburg will give the Rachana Sansad's Foundation Day Lecture and give a workshop at the Academy of Architecture in Mumbai


12 December 2013

Europan 12

In collaboration with laura alvarez architecture, OJO wins prize in the Europan 12 competition in Norway.


06 December 2013

Crematory Oostende

In collaboration with laura alvarez architecture, OJO has been selected for an invited competition to construct a new crematory in Oostende, Belgium.


14 November 2013

Academy of Architecture Mendrisio (CH)

Jarrik Ouburg will lecture and be a visiting critic at the studio of De Vylder, Vink, Tallieu.

Nov 14-15, 2013.


22 August 2013

Tussen-ruimte exhibition

The exhibition on the Tussen-ruimte project opened in Castrum Peregrini at the Herengracht 401.



19 July 2013

Opening Tussen-ruimte #1

The first Tussen-ruimte, inbetween Herengracht 127 and 129, designed by OJO opened to the public. 



12 July 2013

World Heritage Podium

In collaboration with laura alvarez architects and Non-fiction, OJO finished the construction of the World Heritage Podium in Amsterdam. Official opening on September 4th by mayor Van der Laan and minister Bussemaker. More information on the project will follow soon.


05 July 2013

'The White Space' 

Inaugural speech ‘The White Space’, given as head of the Architecture Department at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture, is published and now available at bookstore Architectura & Natura in Amsterdam.


14 February 2013

Lecture series 'The cycle of Japan'

Jarrik Ouburg organizes a lecture series at the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture on the cyclic building process in Japan.


More information


22 January 2013

World Heritage Center Amsterdam

A collaboration between Laura Alvarez Architecture and OJO was selected to design the UNESCO World Heritage Center in Amsterdam. Opening is scheduled for June 2013.


10 January 2013

Workshop Amsterdam Academy of Architecture

Jarrik Ouburg organizes the workshop 'A Forgotten Canal' on the Singelgracht in Amsterdam.

Tutors and lectures include a.oJaap Evert Abrahamse, Matthijs Bouw, Don Murphy and Ton Schaap


17 December 2012


The Tussen-ruimte project, an urban intervention in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Amsterdam, was selected by the City of Amsterdam to be part of the 2013 city celebrations. 


24 September 2012

Scenography 'Studio Verwey

OJO finished the scenography for the group exhibtion Studio Verwey at museum De Hallen in Haarlem.

The exhibtion runs from the 15th of september until the 18th of november.


11 September 2012

Solo exhibition 'From Solid to Air' 

A selection of the work of OJO is on display at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam

Address: Waterlooplein 211-213, opening hours: 9h00-18h00. Until October 18th.


02 September 2012

Inauguration Academy of Architecture

On September 6th Jarrik Ouburg will give his inaugural speech as head of the department of Architecture at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam. 


24 May 2012

Kees Verwey exhibition

OJO is selected to design the scenography of a group exhibition bringing together the works of 

Kees Verwey (1900-1995) and five Rijksakademie alumni at museum De Hallen, Haarlem.


17 April 2012

Academy of Architecture

As of September Jarrik Ouburg will follow up Machiel Spaan as the new head of Architecture at the

Academy of Architecture of the Amsterdam School of the Arts. 


25 January 2012


Project 'Havenkwartier'  will be exhibited in architecture center Rondeel in Deventer until February 26th.