OJO - Office Jarrik Ouburg was established in 2008 and is an internationally oriented practice working on all scales of the contemporary urban landscape. OJO is run by the two partners Freyke Hartemink and Jarrik Ouburg.

Trained at renowned offices like E2A (CH), Kengo Kuma Architecs and Toyo Ito Architects & Associates (JP), noA and Xaveer de Geyter Architects (BE), Wiel Arets Architects and Architecten Cie. (NL), both partners gained a broad international experience in all levels of the building process. Having worked in different countries, each with their own specific architectural culture, they learned that there is not one way to approach an assignment or a fixed set of criteria to judge a project on. The qualities of a project lie within the merits of the assignment itself.


Every project is seen as a multidisciplinary process whereby the ongoing relationship between program and context is being discussed, tested and researched. Through intensive collaboration with clients, users, advisors and others a project is conceived as a multiple authorship, resulting in a design that is an intelligent construction of choices and ideas. 


In the contemporary European condition where, both in architecture and urban planning, a shift is made from a focus on the 'new' to the transformation of the 'present', the office claims a modern, innovative and critical position. A position that is both sensitive in relation to the past and daring towards the future. 


The broad interest in the profession of architecture is expressed by the active role Jarrik Ouburg plays in the academic world. He was a guest lecturer at Delft University of Technology and the Design Acacademy Eindhoven. Since 2012 he has been appointed as the head of the architecture department of the Amsterdam Academy of Architecture.